Dr. AnnaRx is wholly-owned International Trademark of MJ Medtech used for the branding of its line of products, services and medical research on medical grade full spectrum CBD,  under the umbrella of Dr. Anna Leralta recommendations.

Dr. AnnaRx will be also opening up a CBD walking-in clinics starting in Spain, South Africa and other location worldwide in 2019. The Clinic will be offering CBD-based medical services.

In 2019, with our partnership with BIODELTA in South Africa, MJ MedTech will be offering through Dr. AnnaRx brand CBD by-products in over 1000 pharmacies, and aim to reach 4000 by 2020. Over 40 varieties of supplements, ointments, foods, and other products will be sold in stores and online on our e-commerce drannarx.com where it is legally permitted.

Ecommerce Opening Soon!